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5th grade supply list
Posted On:
Monday, June 04, 2018

Mixon Intermediate School

5th Grade Supply List




1- Red Plastic pocket folder with prongs

3 - packs of wide lined notebook paper

1-pack of white, copier paper (no lines)

7- Composition notebooks (no spiral notebooks)

2- 24 pack #2 pencils

2 - packs of pencil top erasers

2 - bottles of Elmers Glue

1- pair of scissors

1-box of crayons (24 in a box)

1-box of colored pencils (12 in a box) and/or package of markers (8 in a box)

1-pencil pouch (NO PENCIL BOXES PLEASE)

3- large boxes of Kleenex for classroom use

3- rolls of  paper towels for classroom use

1- bottle of Germex (girls)

1- bottle of soap (boys)

1-box of zip lock bags (boys- quart size; girls- gallon size: please buy freezer bags- they are sturdier)

1-package of 2 Expo markers (any color)

1- package of 2 highlighters

2 packs of Lysol Wipes

***Additional items may be required by your child’s teacher later in the year (for example: paper, pencils, Kleenex and paper towels)


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