Mixon Elementary    Ozark, AL

2015-2016 Open House and Annual Title I meeting

August 4, 2015

4:30 p.m.-6:30 p.m.



3rd Grade

Mixon Intermediate School


___4    boxes of crayons

___6    packs of notebook paper

___1    binder( 1 inch), with pocket in the front & back

___36  SHARPENED pencils Ticonderoga brand

___2    pencil pouches with 3 holes for notebook

___1    large hand sanitizer

___1    bottle of hand soap

___3    packs of paper towels

___1    Pack of dry erase markers (Boys-thick Girls-thin ) student use

___4    packs of “lined” index cards (3x5)

___2    pairs of scissors

___4    packs of glue sticks

___2    bottles of glue

___3    boxes of tissues

___2    packs of markers

___4    highlighters

___1    large pink eraser

___1    pack of cap erasers

___1    red plastic folder with 2 pockets

___4    “bound” composition notebooks

___1    pack of big (11 x 14) construction paper

___1    Box of Ziploc Bags : Boys-quart & Girls -gallon

___1    Pack of Crayola colored pencils

___1    Pack of 20-25 count page protectors

___1    Container of Lysol wipes




4th Grade

Mixon Intermediate School


_____ 1   small school box

_____ 1   box of Crayola crayons (24 count)

_____ 2   glue sticks

_____ 2   packs of black Ticonderoga brand pencils (keep some at home)

_____ 4   packages of loose-leaf paper (Wide Rule)

_____ 1 green and red plastic pocket folder w/ brads in the middle

_____ 1   orange plastic folder w/ 3 holes but no brads in the middle

_____ 1   box of Crayola washable markers

_____ 1   pack of colored pencils

_____ 1    1 1/2 inch 3-Ring Binder (zippered binders are also allowed and are preferred so papers don’t fall out)

_____ 1 canvas zippered pencil pouch to put in binder

_____ 1   package of 4 Expo brand dry erase markers (broad tip for boys; thin tip for girls)

_____ 3   boxes of Kleenex

_____ 1   pair of Fiskars brand scissors

_____ 3   paper towels

_____ 2 bottles of Germ-X hand sanitizer

_____ 1   box of Ziploc bags (girls-gallon size; boys-quart size)

_____ 2 tubs of Clorox Wipes

_____ 1   package of copy paper

_____ 3   one subject spiral wide-ruled notebooks

_____ 1   pack of post-it notes (any color)

_____ 1   5 pack pocket dividers

_____ 1   pack of pencil top erasers







5th Grade

Mixon Intermediate School


_____1- Red Plastic pocket folders with prongs

_____2- pack of wide lined notebook paper (NO SPIRALS)

_____1-pack of white, copier paper (no lines)

_____3- Composition notebooks

_____#2 pencils

____1- hand held pencil sharpeners (must have container for shavings)

____1-box of crayons (24 in a box)

____1-box of colored pencils (12 in a box)and/or package of markers (8 in a box)

____1-pencil pouch (to be kept in binder)

____3- large boxes of Kleenex for classroom use

____3- rolls of paper towels for classroom use

____1- bottle of Germex (girls)

____1- bottle of soap (boys)

____1-box of zip lock bags (boys- quart size; girls- gallon size: please buy freezer bags- they are sturdier)

____1-package of 4 Expo markers (any color)

____1- package of 2 highlighters

____2 pack of Lysol Wipes

*** Please do not write your child’s name on supplies

***Additional items may be required by your child’s teacher later in the year (for example: paper, pencils, Kleenex and paper towels)





Mixon Intermediate School was established as a neighborhood elementary school in 1962. Our current diverse student body consists of approximately 500 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade children. Mixon offers a relevant, challenging, and integrative curriculum where highly-qualified teachers provide multiple approaches to learning.  Students are provided with a balance of child-centered, content-rich material that takes advantage of each student’s natural abilities, interests, and enthusiasm for learning. Mixon has received many recognitions including National Recognition as a Renaissance Learning Accelerated Reader Model/Master School. We have been a certified Alabama Reading Initiative site since 1999 as well as being an AMSTI (Alabama Math, Science, and Technology Initiative) school. At Mixon, we strive to ensure that our school is a place where we celebrate each child’s individuality as well as equip them with the skills necessary to compete with the growing demands of our ever-changing society.